How it works

Site Club is a website membership club that offers the convenience and experience of working with a design agency without such extreme costs of entry into the online world. Site Club offers membership-based semi-customizable websites that are designed and maintained by our team of professionals using your content and themes.

Let us take the stress out of designing your website yourself or having to learn a new platform. Once a Site Club Member, simply send an email our team with requests for any changes or adjustments to the content of your site at any time and one of our design agents will make the adjustments for you and contacts you once completed.

It's that easy.

Think of Site Club as your go-to web design agency in your pocket!

By joining Site Club, you'll have access to our team of experts who can help you build and maintain your website to look great on any platform. All Site Club sites are designed using responsive design and offer a great aethetic no matter what platform they are viewed from.  

We meet you where you're at in your design journey to offer convenience and ease to assist in developing a site that is on-brand for you and your business.

First things first...

Every new Site Club Member starts their journey with a 30-minute discovery call with one of our design agents to understand your needs for your website - we ask you have your logos, colour choices, font selections, copywriting, domain names and images prepared or selected (if you need additional assistance in these areas please let us know in your contact email so we can add additional time for discovery with you) - from there we collect your content and get to work creating your site! 

We strive to offer expeditious turnaround times for clients who come with prepared content and we ask that you plan for additional time if you are needing additional services to assist with creating imagery, copywriting and such. 

Our average Site Club member can be up and running in under 21 days with our standard site offering; additional customizations and implementations require additional cost and time considerations that can be figured out via consultation. 

Please note: If you're needing a layout and design that is fully custom to you and only you, Site Club may not be the right fit for you - please consider contacting our parent agency The Carve Creative for your fully customized website and platform needs. The Site Club design is owned by Site Club and it's parent agency and can not be transferred to another Wix user or agency. Your hosting plan is included in your monthly membership fee with Site Club, if you customize the standard site to include a store, long (or multiple) forms, membership areas, booking system, events,online store or other integrations your monthly membership will increase to reflect the additional integrations.

So then what?

Once your site has gone through the implementation phase with our team, we assist you in connecting your domain name and then your site is live and ready to share your brand and website with the world! 

After that, for as long as you maintain a monthly membership with Site Club, your membership includes hosting and up to forty five minutes per month of edits, additions and adjustments to the contents of your site. This amount of time is counted throughout the month and renews at the date of your monthly renewal.

As a member, any time you need the content of your site adjusted, all you need to do is email our team with your adjustments required and our team takes care of the rest! Our goal is to take the stress of a website out of mind so you can focus your energies back on your business and life. You have enough going on, let us take care of all this digital jargon for you.

Anything else to know?

We know that sometimes business and brand can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride and sometimes you need to pull the brakes for a while - we get it! 

With Site Club, you can cancel or pause your membership at any time and we'll keep your site waiting for you - if you ever need to take a break, just reach out to our team and we will end your membership at the date of your next renewal. Your site will be live until the date of the end your membership and then is unpublished. If you decide you'd like it to be live again, you can contact us again and we will help you to get you back up and live ASAP!

Be sure to read through all of Site Clubs terms and conditions here


Terms and Conditions